For a long part of my somewhat short life I believed I was stupid. Stupid because I didn’t measure up to what other people were good at. For instance, Sciences in High School: I even got pressured into taking Chemistry because my friends said it would be useful later on (what I found out ‘later on’: a total lie UNLESS you were going into the sciences). On the bright side I learned that I hated Chemistry, and that it was something that I didn’t like doing nor was it something that I excelled at.

Fast forward a couple years and I’m starting university. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, (even deciding between going to college first or university was hard). I somehow ended up getting into Communications and although I liked what I was doing, the same “Chemistry” incident that happened in high school also repeated itself in university. You see, at my university, the Business program is a dominant program on campus and many students in the business program give off the impression that they are better than everyone else and make yourself (me) feel like crap (after being there for a couple years, and getting to know the ‘business kids’, I know better and don’t hate them like I used to).

Getting back, at the time, although I liked what I was learning, I felt that the skills that I was learning in Communications were irrelevant compared to Business and wanted to acquire those skills to be more rounded when I would graduate. However when I began to take those courses I felt like I had to work 10x as hard as everyone else and it definitely did not come naturally. I began to feel that if only I studied harder, was smarter that I would be a smart ‘Business Kid’ and not be an outsider anymore.

Recently, I started a new job working at a Technology Company handling their social media and branding. Additional duties include bookkeeping which doesn’t come naturally to me. However after my first day on the job of doing payroll, invoices and reimbursements was that ‘yes, I don’t necessarily love this stuff, but that doesn’t mean that the skills that I’m acquiring aren’t useful. And it definitely doesn’t mean that I’m stupid.’ It just means that there are areas that I may have to work harder in to grow.

I would like to leave you with one last food for thought: If you can’t believe in yourself, who can? I realized through my journey in life so far that life is short and you can’t be good at everything but to focus on the positives on what you’re good at and run from there. Hope my words of wisdom helped anyone who has ever felt stupid at anytime of your life and to push on to find something that you are proud and enjoy doing.

❤ ❤