Getting over Mr. Right

I met a wonderful man who absolutely helped me get over a twisted ex, taught me about consent but also broke me. My previous ex fucked one of my friends many times (without my knowledge), took my virginity (made it absolutely awful) and fucked with my mind and heart.

After 10 agonizing months  I met someone who was so wonderful and changed my perspective of men altogether. My ex messed me up and for a long time that I felt I could find no one like him. No one who would love me, care for me. My self-esteem was at all time low. Thankfully overtime through loving support from my family, friends, making achievements in my job, I was able to build up my confidence again. Then one day, just like any other, I met Mr. Right.

Mr. Right was my type – intelligent, kind, played soccer, fit, stubble and sexy as hell. It started out like a dream – our first kiss was under heart shaped flipping fireworks! (like what the hell – what is this cheesy romcom madness??!). I met his friends, he was smitten with me, and I with him ❤ We went on a trip together (shared a hotel room). Everything was going great, until it wasn’t.

School started, he got busy, he was stressed. He couldn’t handle it. I was leaving for academic exchange in a couple of months. It didn’t make sense to him for us to continue. He didn’t want to continue hurting me. Disappointing me. So he broke up with me. But unbeknownst to him he broke me too. For the last 2 months I haven’t stopped thinking about him.

It sucks so much. Because we were awesome together. But what sucks more than the uncontrollable is finding out that he didn’t care at all. He says he’s busy, can’t even find the time to text a “good morning babe” or “good night babe.” Yet he’s snowboarding 1x every week for 8 hours and on Facebook changing his profile pic every other week.. yeah no time??!

What I’ve come to realize is, that no one can be your sole source of happiness. Only you can generate happiness and keep yourself going. What really helped me today was accomplishing something that I’ve been scared to do for a long time:

  • Driving by myself

I know that sounds ridiculous, but I’ve been terrified to drive by myself. But I achieved it and I feel so awesome. And that’s the key, you have to keep going, you have to wipe off the dust when you fall, even if you’re knee is bleeding, you’re heart hurts. You have to. Because if you won’t who can do it for you?

What really struck home for me was the song by Twenty One Pilots – Kitchen Sink. In particular one line stands out to me:

“No one is dealing with your demons, meaning maybe defeating them  could be the beginning of your meaning friend”

In my context, no one can truly understand what I’m going through (people probs can, but no one really can understand what me and Mr. Right felt for each other). I can either wallow and mourn forever or pick myself up and move on and find happiness. And that is exactly what I plan to do because I deserve better. To be treated better.

Our last time of truly being together, lips on lips, cheek to cheek and heart to heart. I kissed him like I loved him. I felt like it was too soon to say it, but I said it with my lips, tongue and passion. I didn’t want him to go, but he did. I will always be grateful for the man I had for the summer, who showed me what a man can be and how a man can make me feel. That good guys do exist and can blow my mind (if you know what I mean;)).

But that’s not enough to keep holding on. One summer isn’t enough. It’s not worth the pain in my chest when I think of what we had and what we have no longer. It’s not worth me thinking that he doesn’t care. I have the right and deserve to pursue my happiness.

Goodbye Mr. Right, I will always remember you, but its time for me to say goodbye.



Dear: Love

I know that I still have time left with you, but I want to say it before it’s too late. Thank you. I know that I say it at least 30 + times a day, but when I say ‘thank you’ this time, I mean it when you say thank you. Once, but it truly means thank you, when you say it.

You have taught me to love someone with my whole heart and you have taught me that fear doesn’t have to be an obstacle from letting us do the things that are most important to us. Overtime I have learnt that the world is filled with endless opportunities, that can open doors to new paths, and experiences. I am so happy that I decided to take on the challenge to bringing you here, otherwise I wouldn’t have met the love (I think) of my life.

I know these words are big, so I won’t tell you just yet. But I feel it when I look at you, something stirs in my stomach and it feels right. I know, you say that you can’t do the long distance, (I’m not sure if I can either) but I’m willing to at least try and fight for us, because I feel something so special (and I hope you feel it too).

Just a couple of last words to leave you with:

I am no longer the girl with the vacant smile because of you (the boy with jade coloured eyes) and I will forever be grateful for that ❤