Thank You Boy

For a long time, I was misunderstanding a group of people. Not because I generally ‘hated’ them, but because they always kept to themselves and weren’t really open to other cultures. Because of that, I kind of resented them for it, and I had a negative connotation associated with them.

Recently through an organization that brings in international talent I met a guy who changed everything. He is adventurous and isn’t afraid to try new things and he loves to share. ‘Loves to share’ sounds odd but really every time we would eat lunch together he would share some his culture’s food. Me coming from a family who loves food, and often eats more food than we should (because it is so damn good), this was very odd to me because the notion of sharing food (in the past) was lost to me, because for me I always wanted more (because it was so damn good). Because of him, I’m now more open to sharing food and I don’t feel like I’m losing an ‘arm and a leg’ when I give up food, it genuinely makes me feel good. On top of that he’s shown me to truly cherish the things in life that we love doing.

For example, over the past year, I was getting off an ankle injury caused from soccer and it has made me miserable this past year. Because I am generally a person who doesn’t like to ‘do’ something about it I didn’t do physio or anything, which delayed the healing process. Just recently he got me to get back and play (obviously my stamina wasn’t great) but it was nice to know that I had the soccer intuition, and I was still able to have that drive and passion that I have always had.

I now no longer see that culture as something odd and weird. I now see the culture as a group of people who are passionate for their country because of the hardships and history that they have faced, and that has brought them closer together. Through meeting him, I have become a better person – someone who is slowly caring less about what people think, taking more risks (smart risks) and really understanding the importance in life: surrounding yourself with people who give a shit about you, doing the things you love for yourself and keeping a proper mental health to keep yourself fulfilled.

I don’t know if I will ever show him what I have written, but because of him my views of the world has changed and I have changed for the better.

Thank you boy ❤


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