The End

Sometimes you feel something so powerful that the only way to deal with it is to chuck it out of your body – like you were throwing a small stone into a very large ocean. The stone’s impact making a small ripple in a large ocean – making you realize that what you’re feeling sucks but it isn’t the end of the world.

Something better will come along (or so they say) and make what happened okay and you won’t ever look back.

Then why did this feel bigger than what IT was? Watching a band, countless movies and exchanging countless messages back and forth and building a connection. The fact is although IT was never official IT was.

The fact of the matter is – it sucks for someone to say they don’t want you. And I would be lying to myself to say that it’d doesn’t matter, because it does. Tonight I will mourn, tomorrow I will arise and forget and move forward. Because living in the past does nothing for myself, only hurts me more.


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