Leap of Faith

Contradictory to the name of this blog, there appears to be decent human beings that go to university. Maybe that’s because they are first years that are naive to the new excitement and ‘finding yourself.’ But who can stop that naivety when it’s been plunged and soaked through every pore since we’ve gotten our first locker. Sadly I see that the school and institutional system hollows out the creativity that we were born with and turns us into ‘pod robots’ as E. Lockhart’s Ruby Oliver likes to refer. One could argue that in university that you are given the choice to pursue what you love and want to do – business, communications, science, the arts, English. However what if (like the majority of us) haven’t a clue what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Why is it that we are always being pushed in the direction of university? Why can’t they encourage other options like travelling or working? 

In my opinion it could be that it all comes down to the system. I could argue that the system is corrupt, that universities are run by mean, evil people who are only out to make money and do not care about the people who go to the school. 

The university could come back stating, how they do care about the students – provide more than enough chances to succeed (academic probation), counselling, student learning commons. But isn’t this all in order to keep students coming back to learn, and to keep the university full of money?

Although a majority of this blog post has been pessimistic, one concluding thought I’d like to leave you all with is: why are you going to university? The reality is university degrees are being pumped out like they are going out of business.

My advice to any future student at university – ask yourself why you’re there, keep asking yourself that. Remember that now a days the most important thing an employer above all else is experience. And last as cliche as it sounds, do what you love to do.

To the lovely first year students I met on my second day, you are wonderful people and I hope you enjoy the tough road ahead!


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